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Hilltop Art House

Seating in our exhibition space at Hilltop Art House. I am working on them simultaneously to ensure they balance each other. It’s a big project!

This is the moment I have been waiting for where I can not only see how the two settees are working together but how the entire space works. Some minor tweaking has taken place but surprisingly very little. This work takes a lot of concentration and decision making with every shape, line and mark being considered. Needless to say I was in my element.

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This work is all about being part of a large family.  We do not have a family tree but a forest.  The forest is populated by the members of my family.  With the ‘big boys’, (I still call them that), just behind me.  And the younger members of the family forming the tree trunks behind them.  Not forgetting mum and dad, who are in there too.

Perhaps at this stage I should do a roll call in order of age.  I have to say I always feel a huge sense of pride when I do this.  They are:  Ken, Eric, Billy, David, Kevin, Ged, Henry and then came the girls: Malvina, Lorretta, Lorraine (me), Rebecca and to finish it all, the baby of the family, Sam.

The face in the foreground is of me when I left home to go to art college and began a new life.  The image shows how I am remained connected to my family through the family roots.

© artwork by Lorraine Corker : all rights reserved

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