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These two beauties are going to a new home in Victoria, Australia thanks to Etsy. But you don’t need to miss out. My full range of archival wildflower and landscape prints are on show and for sale at my Open Studio starting on 8th September. Also available, landscape paintings and contemporary art prints.

Bud – that moment when the flower is about to burst.
Available on etsy now.


Dessert Pea

Starts Dessert Pea – one of nature’s curiosities.  available on etsy now.

My daughter, Eve Wolfe, a successful emerging artist will also be showing her miniature sculptures along with her tonal drawings.

We will be providing you with a bit of fun and laughter along the way, and maybe even some wonderment as you make your way up our very own little art trail leading to our hilltop studio.

When you have finished why not pop around next door to Charlene O’Brien’s studio to see her eco clothing and couture.

In all there are 24 studios open to the public.

The Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail
September 8-10, 15-17, 22-24
10am to 4pm

Check this link for the downloadable map with addresses and information about each studio:

It should also be available from Armadale Visitors Centre.

 © artwork by Lorraine Corker : all rights reserved

A Star Named Lily

Each night I look out towards the night sky to seek out the star we named Lily in remembrance of our dear mum.

This work was selected for the exhibition, 26°S 121°E | ON THE MAP at Mundaring Art Centre a contemporary Print Exhibition – Curated by Laura A Taylor. It is run in collaboration with the Printmakers Association of Western Australia (PAWA) and the Print Makers Council of Australia Inc (PCA). I am one of 35 people representing contemporary print in Western Australia.

.ABOUT PCA Established in 1967, PCA is a national non-profit organisation that promotes contemporary fine art printmaking, including artist books, zines, and works on paper. It provides support and advocacy for artists and, through publications, commissioned editions, exhibitions and other events, PCA works to foster a greater appreciation of original prints and knowledge of the history of Australian printmaking amongst the wider community. www.print

ABOUT PAWA Printmakers Association of Western Australia (PAWA) was established in 1974 and based in the old Perth Technical College. In 1976 the group incorporated a constitution within theassociation and its objectives were to “further a knowledge and appreciation in the traditions of printmaking” and “to promote and encourage experimentation in and production of prints


show at Mundaring Art Centre

26°S 121°E | ON THE MAP

7 – 8.30PM, FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 2017


Held in conjunction with the national launch of Print Council of Australia’s 2017 Print Commission folio, and in collaboration with Printmakers Association of WA, 26°S 121°E | On the Map is a survey exhibition of contemporary Western Australian printmaking.


Susan Allwood, Tessa Beale, Monique Bosshard Curby, Leanne Bray, Rhonda Breen, Jillian Ciemitis, Helen Clarke, Lorraine Corker, Moira Court, Nicola Cowie, Shelley Cowper, Annette Davis, Willemina Foeken, Sandra Hall, Penny Hudson, Michael Jalaru Torres, Shana James, Hannah Katarski, Guundie Kuchling, Pippa Lightfoot, Camilla Loveridge, Monika Lukowska, Aliesha Mafrici, Andrew McDonald, Clyde McGill, Melanie McKee, Elizabeth Morrison, Rosemary Mostyn, Dallas Perry, Eveline Ruys, Petra Sara, Bridget Seaton, Elmari Steyn, Janette Trainer and Vanessa Wallace


RSVP | +61 8 9295 3991



TUE – FRI 10AM – 5PM, SAT & SUN 11AM – 3PM

in collaboration with

my exhibit in this exhibition


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This work is all about being part of a large family.  We do not have a family tree but a forest.  The forest is populated by the members of my family.  With the ‘big boys’, (I still call them that), just behind me.  And the younger members of the family forming the tree trunks behind them.  Not forgetting mum and dad, who are in there too.

Perhaps at this stage I should do a roll call in order of age.  I have to say I always feel a huge sense of pride when I do this.  They are:  Ken, Eric, Billy, David, Kevin, Ged, Henry and then came the girls: Malvina, Lorretta, Lorraine (me), Rebecca and to finish it all, the baby of the family, Sam.

The face in the foreground is of me when I left home to go to art college and began a new life.  The image shows how I am remained connected to my family through the family roots.

© artwork by Lorraine Corker : all rights reserved

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work in progress

A Childhood Landscape is the title of this work in progress which is very close to my heart. Being the 10th of 12 children made for quite a childhood and provided many memories, most of them happy. Although we were as poor as church mice in many ways we lived a life of abundance. Thanks that is, to our parents who were extremely resourceful and imaginative. Qualities which have expressed themselves differently in all of us. Whichever way you look at it, it is an unmistakable trait of The Wilson Family as is an undeniable streak of eccentricity. Traits which I have often relied upon to get me through life and are of course very useful to an artist. I am forever grateful for the gifts that being part of this family have bestowed upon me.

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My heart beats with equal passion for conceptual work that literally allows me to fly. And landscape paintings and drawings which ground me. Each brings a skill set that informs the other.

At the moment my studio is littered with paintings at various stages of completion, making ready for the Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail in a few months. It is both exiting and inspiring seeing all this work together. It just makes me want to paint, paint, paint!


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The Minnawarra Art Awards showcases some of Australia’s prestigious artists.  The exhibition features around 80 works across a variety of mediums of the fine arts including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography and textiles. Curated by Robert Buratti.

Mother & Daughter Moment

This is the first exhibition where my daughter, Eve Wolfe and I have exhibited together. We were amazed to see that the curator had hung our work together on the same panel.  Considering there was eighty art works that was a real fluke.

My Exhibits

Last Act


Minnawarra Art Awards is now considered a must see event on the Perth arts calendar. 

Saturday 22 April – Sunday 7 May 2017
11am – 4pm daily

Armadale District Hall, Jull Street, Armadale

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