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Saturday 27th April 3.30 – 6.00pm
Limited Places – use the link below to book your spot


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28th April – 5th May
10am – 6pm


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Mapping a Distressed Canvas

An interesting project in which I have deliberately warped a canvas to create concave shapes within it. Today I am mapping the these concave shapes with the intention highlighting them with colour.

Watch this space, this is just the beginning…

Working towards an exhibition at: City Arts Space April/May (dates to be confirmed).

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I had every intention of nipping into the workshop to put the last coat of primer onto the canvas before getting ready for the day…

It’s now three hours later, but at least this time it’s still morning.

However, I now have a nicely primed canvas ready to go. I have fixed the wonky leg on the work table and have reorganised the workspace. Of course since I was already half way to doing a general clean of the entire workshop, why stop there!!!

Now it’s a lot easier to get around in that cramped space and I’m ready to make three more canvases.

But not today…

Today I paint. But first, I will get dressed.

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